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Grill Repair in Orange County, CA

Warm temperatures often mean family get-togethers, summer barbeques, and pool parties. However, if you have a broken barbeque grill, then you might not be able to get the summer memories you want. Kevin’s Fireplace & Patio Services is here to help. We provide BBQ repair in Orange County, CA, so turn to us today for a summer worth remembering!

What Are Common Problems Your Barbeque Might Have?

Frustrated at your lack of a workable barbeque? What could be the issue? Barbeque problems might include:

  • Low or no flames: This issue might also be accompanied by low temperatures. The culprit is often a regulator.
  • No startup: If your grill simply refuses to start, you might have an ignition issue. The ignition problem might stem from the wires, clogged burners, or the ignition button.
  • Weird flame colors: You should always see blue flames on your burners. If not, your gases might have a mixing issue with the air shutters.
  • Uneven heating: Clogged burners or control values might be the cause. Grease or pests might have blocked the heat distribution.

No matter the problem your barbeque has, you can rely on us to fix it.

Why Choose Us?

Kevin’s Fireplace & Patio Services is able to diagnose, handle, and fix all barbeque problems. We are happy to clean your barbeque, replace any specific parts, and service your grill regularly.

We can come to your home at a time that works for you. And with over 18 years of experience, we can handle any challenge that we come across. You’ll also love our one-on-one personalized service, where we are happy to explain the problem at hand, the repair your barbecue needs, and the ways you can prevent the issue from happening again.

If you need grill repair in Orange County, CA, call us today at (949) 433-3015. We look forward to helping you!